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Here’s A Few Pointers For Finding A Good Restaurant In Armagh

Part of a county in Northern Ireland by the same name, Armagh is considered to be the ecclesiastical capital. Have you been to the Armagh Observatory? The Georgian architecture is beautiful. You’re busy checking out all the major attractions in the civil parish of Armagh, and I’m about to point you to some of the best restaurants in the area.

The Bawn Pantry is a restaurant located at 13 Main Street, Unit 4. This brunch spot is known for serving up delicious chicken noodle soup, pancakes, cupcakes and more. How about a traybake or some fresh-baked rhubarb? Reviewers of this restaurant mention that they get their fill and people say that the coffee is quite good. Expect to find a diamond in the rough with daily specials and great service.

There are a total of 41 restaurants in Armagh, and the next top pick is Bide A While – Country Tea Room. This restaurant located at 8 Creggan Road is open only a few days a week, but it is one of the most popular dining establishments. It is a great place to pick up dessert and enjoy afternoon tea. Toasties, scones, tray bakes and more await you if you stop by Bide A While Country Tea Room.

The Bawn Pantry serves up delicious coffee as mentioned, but how about a stop by Embers Coffee House and Grill Bar? You know a coffee house is going to hit a home run when you’re in search of a tasty cup of joe. You’re going to find this coffee house at 7 Market Street. And you can order up some great food there, such as salmon and a steak sandwich. People have good things to say about the hunters chicken, too, and the place is also known for its delicious cocktails.

Popular Armagh Restaurants

Groucho’s On The Square features quite a name and is a definite local hotspot. You can find this dining establishment at 1 The Square Richhill in Armagh. It is a great place to order up a steak, whether you are out for lunch or dinner. What you’re also going to find when you go to Groucho’s is that you can check out the early bird menu. One thing you might want to know, too, is that it is ranked as the #1 bar in Armagh as well.

Then there is Mulberry Bistro, which is located at 6 Cathedral Road. Are you going to check out the two major cathedrals while in this part of Northern Ireland? They are certainly two major place of interest that many people visit when in the area. Maybe before or after your stop, you can visit Mulberry Bistro. It is known for its pleasant staff and first class presentation. You’re going to have a nice dining experience at this bistro.

The Portmor is another interesting pick, and its location is 44 Main Street. Steak, sea bass, duck and more are on the menu at this wonderful restaurant. There is a function room for parties, and many people use it for special occasions. Does The Portmor sound like the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy your next meal? Take a look at the rest of the menu to see what sounds good to eat. And don’t forget about Basil Sheils Restaurant Armagh.

As you plan out your vacation in Armagh, it’s important to know where the best places to eat are at so that you enjoy some great food. The locals can point you in the right direction, but I’ve provided you with some great tips on the top-ranked dining establishments in the area. Enjoy taking a look around Armagh with your family.

Welcome to Cafe Kati Bar & Restaurant Armagh

Welcome to Cafe Kati Bar & Restaurant Armagh.

Please forgive us as we’re working on the website at the moment, but we’re excited to announce that Cafe Kati will be re-opening soon as County Armagh’s leading bar and restaurant nightspot. If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy some of the best cooking in the Orchard County, be sure to come back soon. Just give us a little time to work on the nuts and bolts of the menu, the bar and of course the desserts, because we love dessert and we know that you do too.

Come back soon, because we expect to be fully booked every weekend!